Nov 24

Thanksgiving – It’s my Favorite holiday, yours too?

I am revisiting this posting from last year as Thanksgiving remains my favorite holiday.  What about you?  Where do you place this holiday in your list of important days?  Many of my friends agree with my feelings.  Others feel their holiday is Christmas, especially those with younger kids.  The squeals of excitement on Christmas morning can be music to your ears.

Since this blog is read by people around the world, where the American Thanksgiving holiday is not custom,  I ask what holiday makes you smile?  What special day of the year gives you that “Warm Inside” Feeling like no other day?

Family, friends and the smells of wonderful food cooking make a holiday special for me.  Yes that happens several times a year, but on one day – Thanksgiving, it happens without pretense.  We are gathered to give thanks, pure and simple.

When I say no pretense, I mean no gifts, no commercialism, and no-one expecting anything other than a fun day with family and friends.  We talk (something lost on the youth of today) share, and update each other with the wonderful and not so wonderful things going on in our lives.

Thanksgiving - My Favorite Holiday, Yours Too?

Thanksgiving – My Favorite Holiday, Yours Too?

Commercialism of most holidays had led me to hate most of them, but Thanksgiving, well that day is still somewhat pure.  So far, they’ve not contaminated the day with meaningless reasons we should buy this or that.  That however is not to say greed is moving away from the retail chain’s hearts.  They actually think it’s a good thing to open for business on the one day of the year they should be closed.

Walmart, Target, Sears, and most other retail chains will open at sometime to lure people in on the pretense that shopping on Thanksgiving is a good thing.  Really?  Why should we?  Black Friday has been in the press for weeks, Christmas ads started before Halloween was over, so why should we shop on Thanksgiving day?  Some chains have said they will remain closed to allow their family of employees to enjoy Thanksgiving at home.  My hat is off to them!

Greed!  Yup, that’s it – Greed!  Retail chains are so greedy that they’ve corrupted the one last day we had for peace and quiet, for real thanksgiving, and for real family enjoyment.  Greed!

My daughter summed it up this way.  She said “Daddy, it seems that business is so greedy they’ve made it their mission to destroy whatever family time we still had left.  And they are doing it  suggesting it’s for our good.”

OK, I’m off my podium.  I love Thanksgiving more than any other holiday.  I get to see my grands, cousins, and friends.  We watch the parade through the eyes of our kids and grands who are always in awe of the floats no matter how often they see them.  We eat way too much, sit around complaining that we’ll have to go on a diet, and then eat more when dessert is served.  It’s decadent and pure joy!

Thanksgiving – it’s my favorite day, yours too?  Even if you are one of the thousands who have to work that day, I truly hope you find the time to enjoy your family, friends and loved ones in Thanksgiving.

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Nov 22

Summer’s Last Hold Out!

Dwarf Banana Blossom – Summer’s Last Hold Out!

As winter takes hold in my area, I found one of nature’s beauties attempting to hold out.  My Dwarf Banana tree sits on my balcony, in a protected corner, where the sun still gives it warmth.  That sun has allowed this beautiful tree to blossom at the strangest time of the year – the end of fall.

Dwarf Banana Blossom - Summer's Last Hold Out!

Normally, by this time, the tree has died off, but this year, it didn’t – it flowered!  Just one of the oddities of nature, I guess.

I’m not a big winter guy.  I enjoy the change in seasons, but mostly prefer the warmer months.  My usual phrase is I enjoy everything nature gives, just not extremes.

  If I choose to go out, I do.  If not, I don’t.  When the winter snows come, I watch the plows go by, the kids playing in the drifts, and those that have to, digging out their cars.  When I need to, I go out and release my car from the snow.

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