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Reviews of books that Larry found interesting, enjoyable, well written, and worth of recommendation to his fans.

Mar 18

Book Review – Protection

Protection by T Baggins

Book Review: Protection by T Baggins / S.A. Reid People have many different ideas and thoughts about prison, especially if you are innocent of the crime that sent you there.  “Everyone claims to be innocent” in prison, but few if any really are. Dr. Joseph Cooper entered Wentworth Prison (in England) in 1931 sentenced for a …

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Feb 09

Book Review – Fatal Affair

Fatal Affair - Marie Force

Book Review – Fatal Affair by Marie Force Published May 26, 2010 Genre: Romantic Suspense John O’Connor was the shoe in for his retiring father Senator John O’Connor SR, and lived up to the reputation established by him.  When he was found dead, murdered in his bed, with no signs of struggle and no witnesses, …

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