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Review: Falling From The Sky


Falling From the Sky

By: Nikki Godwin
Release date: February 21st 2014
Genres: YA Gay Contemporary Romance

16 year old Ridge McCoy had a very unusual relationship with his father – They actually enjoyed the others company.  They enjoyed playing Xbox so much that Ridge only played when his father could join in the fun.  His dad came to all of Ridge’s basketball games and was proud of his son’s accomplishments.

They were a team until his father died in a plane crash brought to the ground by a suicidal pilot.  From that day on, Ridge’s life fell from the sky.  His mother wouldn’t go to his basketball games saying it reminded her of the husband she lost.  His five year old brother hated him and wanted nothing to do with him.  His friends at school didn’t know how to treat him.  Even his grief counselor gave up on him, saying it was hopeless to continue the process.

Falling From The Sky by Nikki GodwinA summer basketball camp get away was supposed to take Ridge from his grief, give him something to do, and allow him to find pleasure again.  He felt more alone at the camp then when at home.  He couldn’t relate to the guys at camp, whose only quest for the summer was to drown in beer and hook up with girls.  The bed felt like he was sleeping on a slab of concrete.

The basketball camp was a mistake, but he was stuck.  His choices were stick it out or go home to the world he so waned to escape from.  But his summer plans took a turn in an unexpected direction when he met Micah Youngblood, the guy who runs the carousel at the local mall.  They had nothing in common or so it seemed.  But when Micah offers to explain the meaning of the intricately decorated horses on the carousel, Ridge accepts.

Both boys were hiding feelings and used this uncommon friendship to garner a sense of belonging.  Ridge finds Micah more than mysterious especially when he joins Micah on the reservation.  Their customs and traditions far exceed anything he had ever understood.  Micah was attracted to Ridge in a way that Ridge could not initially accept.  Yet the boys continued to develop a friendship that surpassed the artificial limitations both had placed on the other.

Their relationship morphed into more than friendship.  They needed to be near each other in ways they could not put into words.  Ridge’s slow acceptance of his feelings toward Micah echoed Micah’s frustrations about Ridge.  As summer drew to a close, they realized their time together would soon end.  Neither wanted that, but couldn’t stop the clock.

They find each other to have what they long for even in their differences.

Godwin took a simple theme and built it into an amazing novel.  I must admit the beginning was a bit slow.  At one point I wondered if I would just put it down, but I felt there was a reason to continue.  I’m glad I did. Falling From The Sky was worth the read!  Give it a chance and you will probably find yourself wanting more.

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