Jeremy Raybourne and The Mystical Gene
Book 1 of the Journey To The New Awakening Trilogy
By Larry Thomas
Genre(s): Paranormal / Young Adult / Science Fiction

A war has waged for millennia between two parallel universes – one bent on destruction for its own survival, the other trying to prevent further chaos. 

The day Jeremy Raybourne turns thirteen; his simple country life abruptly changes, in ways no one in the world would believe.  A mystical gene, hidden in his physical makeup, matures thrusting young Jeremy into the middle of the war.  Jeremy unwittingly opens portals to both universes unleashing a battle, of cosmic proportions, with earth as the battleground.

Recruited by the leader of the Sancostan Universe, Jeremy must quickly learn the necessary skills to ward off invasion.  His failure would mean enslavement and eventual destruction of the world, as he knows it.


I wrote Jeremy Raybourne and The Mystical Gene for young adults.  As frequently happens, with this genre, the book is being read by a wider range of ages.  Some people are picking it up after hearing their children or grand children’s comments about the book.  Others simply due to their love for science fiction fantasy.

Jeremy Raybourne and The Mystical Gene is the first in the Journey To The New Awakening series.  Young Jeremy will discover more of his talents, innate abilities, and powers.  The series takes the reader and young Jeremy on a roller coaster ride of emotions, action and suspense…

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